Thursday, December 30, 2010

Now that I've got my feet back under me...

Geesh...I've once again neglected my blog! Now that all the craziness of Christmas is over, hopefully I can once again get back to posting at least once a week...we shall see! I was VERY busy this year with spring, summer and holiday shows. My holiday shows were a success, especially Holiday Handmade put on each year by Fancy Tiger. I only have a few shots of my booths and I am hoping I can get those posted soon.

So not only has my blog been neglected but my etsy shops have suffered too. Today, I finally got some new goodies posted in Lani's Vintage.

Aren't those just the CUTEST little rubber critters you've ever seen? If I still had little ones, these would be staying with me to decorate the nursery! I also listed this great industrial storage cabinet.

If you can't live without any of these things...then hurry over and snatch them up!