Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Dying Town.

A Dying Town

In the empty Town park no children for to play
This surely is a dying Town it has known a better day
A place of little commerce the facts they never lie
The ageing population here will grow old and die.

The young people keep leaving for places far away
There are no jobs worth talking of to keep them here to stay
A Town with few young people is a Town in decay
Two decades from a ghost Town it would be fair to say.

No smoke from factory chimneys for to pollute the air
A healthy environment to live in and such places are rare
But in a healthy place to live in businesses are closing down
To be once a place of commerce is it's one claim to renown.

An old Town off of the highway it's better days long gone
With an ageing population time on them ticking on
Many of them in their fifties with thinning silver hair
And the young people keep leaving their future is elsewhere.

Poem by ~
Francis Duggan


Can my town be saved? It is not looking that way! I hope, I hope.

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The art of Robin Collins said...

I've become so addicted to your blog...thank you for showing such wonderful things time after time!!