Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HELP...I have a t-shirt addiction!

OK...It all started when I received a t-shirt that I had longed for from my sister Abby for Christmas. She had my name for Christmas...and I instructed her it would be easy to shop for me, because all she had to do was take a peek at my etsy favs! One goodie on my list was a wonderful t-shirt called "Inventing Toast".

I was so very happy when I unwrapped this super shirt! I love, love it! So...I also got money for Christmas and I decided that I HAD to have more of these quirky shirts. Today I bought three more...yay! Here they are...

Glide By~

Type B~

Young Girl~

Have I made you an addict? You can find these quirky, wonderful shirts at LookForFiddleheads.

I would love to collect them all...wouldn't you?