Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He Is No Dummy - Vintage Ventriloquist Dummy - Looking For New Home

Just listed in my etsy shop Lani's Vintage.

Imagine my surprise to answer the door and find this dashing young man. There he stood all 24" of him! He told me he was tired of living in a dusty closet and had heard of the land of Etsy, where vintage treasures could find a new home! So, he set off to find the good queen Lani (me), who he had heard, could help him find this wonderful land called Etsy.

Queen Lani said she would be glad to help him find a wonderful new home, but first she would have to press his clothes. So she went about pressing his red jacket, white dickey with black bow tie (which she noticed had a slight stain), tan pants and his plaid jacket. Queen Lani also notice that he was wearing the cutest little red and black felt cowboy boots; however, one was missing the white horse felt applique. In no time his clothes were pressed and he was looking like a million bucks.

Next she had to examine him and take some photos. He was a bit shy when she told him first she would have to photograph him without his clothing, but he was willing if that was what it took to find a new home. Queen Lani did notice that he had a few seams coming undone, the two seams under his arms and a seam on his left leg. She also noticed that he was having trouble talking, as his jaw needed some repairing. He seemed worried that no one would want him with the defects that he had, but Queen Lani reassured him that there was someone who would still be willing to give him a new home.

Now that he was cleaned and photographed Queen Lani posted his information on Etsy and told him it would be no time at all and he would be meeting his new family. At this news he smiled ear to ear!

Here is some information I found on this dummy~


Jerry Mahoney (Dark Hair) - There are Jerry figures that with dark hair. These are usually the 24" Jerry (#2) and the 32" semi-pro version (#3). Why they have dark hair instead of orange involves several explanations/theories. One explanation given is that Juro used whatever paint they had to finish spraying figures before reloading the sprayer with red. Another possibility is that with the end of the contract with Winchell, Juro had 24" heads left over as well. The hair of these were painted black and they were sold, usually with the red jacket and tan pants that Little Ricky wore. Due to the similarity in clothing, most of the dark haired 24" Jerrys were probably sold around the time of release of Little Ricky (1967), and after the Jerry contract ended.

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