Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wish List Wednesday - When It's Raining...

If it's raining where you are...

Take in the beauty as the rain falls,
Put the rain coat on the hound,
Dance in the puddles,
Cuddle up and read a book,
Play a game,
Pop the popcorn,
Turn on some Charlie Chaplin and enjoy yourself!

First Row Left to Right:
The Bond $12 -
At Tara $15 -
Upcycled Dog Rain Coat $48 -
A Rainy Day $10 -

Second Row Left to Right:
Rain Boots $10 -
Birds in Book Club $18 -
Umbrella Necklace $13 -
1,2,3 Memory Game $16.50-

Third Row Left to Right:
Raincloud Ring $15 -
Carmel Popcorn $12 -
Charlie Chaplin $10 -
Umbrella T-Shirt $18 -


tanyBUG said...

thanks for including me! -Lynse&Fancy

ara133photography said...

This is a fabulous list!! I need some of that popcorn! :) Thanks so much for including me!