Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm In Etsy's Halloween Gift Guide!

So...I was checking out etsy this morning (like I do every morning) and noticed that they have a Halloween Gift Guide! I popped in to have a look and found that my "boo" earrings are included...yay! I have a few Halloween pieces listed, but haven't sold any of them yet...maybe it is still a bit early?


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Yeah!!! congratulations on being featured (hope it brings lots of new traffic to your shop!) BUT... you have to stop pooping in the gift guides...that is just gross!
Smiles, Karen

Linda Crispell said...

You must have been thrilled, and then quickly changed your pants. Congratulations!!!

Lani Robertson said...

oh goodness me...i am no longer going to poop in the gift guides LOL :) instead i think i will just pop in and take a peek at them. you girls don't miss a beat! :)